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A forum to discuss some of the many other types of bagpipes played worldwide.

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Forum FAQ and Rules

Post by the plod » Sat Dec 30, 2006 1:39 pm

Q: What does the forum have to offer?

A: A place to discuss any and all aspects of the many types of bagpipes played worldwide. Civil discourse is the rule, no jerks

Q: What about buying and selling stuff through the list?

A: The members of this forum are scattered around the world. If you are looking for a set of pipes or are looking to sell an item please post the request to the list. Any negotiations should then take place off list.

Q: Can I advertise my business on the list?

A: Advertising or promotion of businesses operated by forum members is welcome IN MODERATION (ie no spamming). Business owners may post price lists, wait times, new sets, or links to online catalogues and ordering sites. Business name, address, and website information is allowed (and welcomed) as PART OF THE SIGNATURE LINE in postings. If a vendor or dealer can supply an item that is mentioned in a thread then they are welcome to announce the fact. (ie sourcing pipes, reeds, music, CD's etc.) FLOODING the list with multiple 'for sale' mailings is not welcome.

Q: Can I post files and pictures on the forum?

A: Absolutely, the images can reside on an outside server or be attached to your post. Also, try to keep image size to about 500 pixels wide whenever possible, I hate having to scroll sideways to see the whole picture. Some folks are still on a dial-up connection. I know... it's hard to believe, but until these luddites move up to a broadband connection limiting your image size will make viewing images much easier for them.

Q: How Do I put my marker on the Map?

A: Log in to the forum, go to your profile, scroll down to the Map section, and enter your coordinates or use the "find your coordinates" link in the map section of your profile. This will bring up a new google map that you can then zoom in to (as close as you want) using the widget in the upper left corner of the map. You can zoom in all the way to your street in some cases or you could decide to be a little more vague if you want, click the map then to set your marker.

Other Stuff to consider.

Posting to the forum
Posts should be on topic and relevant. Ask yourself this, " does my post advance the conversation or is it just drivel?", It's a waste of everyone's time to have to wade through pages and pages of chaff to get to the meat of the topic. The moderators have been given a fair amount of leeway in keeping posts topical and relevant. The moderators are not, however, a group of ''forum nazis". Their job is to resolve disputes, keep the peace, and keep it topical. If everyone plays by the rules their job should be quite easy.

Due to the faceless and anonymous nature of the internet it is quite easy to be a jerk. Childish behaviors, flame wars, personal insults, sophomoric comments, and condescension can be quite fun, but are not appropriate to these forums. If you must partake of such boorish behavior we'll take you to the mat for it. If you don't have something nice to say, then you should just sit on your hands and keep your mug shut. Above all, keep a sense of humor please. Face it, we're all a little nuts to be playing this thing. It'd be nice if everyone could just check their diagnosis at the door.

References to Monty Python are always welcome and encouraged. They are not against the rules.

Reviews and opinions:
Reviews and opinions of instruments, music etc. should be fair, and respectful at all times. Negative reviews(and positive ones for that matter) are welcome, but you must be able to explain your views. Just saying, "I think his pipes are crap" is not acceptable, saying "I don't like his pipes, because the upper octave is consistently flat" is acceptable.
This rule is NOT up for debate. You should think before you post. We would also expect that if the knowledge you have to share is suspect, you might think twice about posting. This should be a forum that focuses on valid information about real pipe issues.

Newbie pipers:

For many of the seasoned pipers in the forum some of the questions or comments posted may seem pretty basic. Please be patient. Some of the forum members may not even be pipers at all (yet) and may just have the good taste (and the cojones) to enjoy bagpipe music.

Off Topic posting:
Off topic posting is tolerated to a degree. Remember this is a forum about the bagpipes. If you must post off topic then please put either OT or Off Topic in the subject heading so those who don't wish to read it can bypass the thread. If the topic strays too far it may get moved. Religion and politics are usually bad choices for discussion.

Other Rules:

NO SPAM. If you spam the forums, I will hunt you down and ...............
One final note
Please try to keep your hands clean, your hair combed and play like good little boys and girls. That being said, if you can not play by the rules, I will have absolutley no compunction about bumping your shaggy butt from the list.

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