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For sale: D chanter from Andreas Rogge (New)

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:35 pm
by eirepiper
Hi all......

I just received a brand new concert pitch chanter from Andreas.
Plum with boxwood mounts and brass fittings- reeded by the man himself.
No keys, but mounts for later on if desired.
Tuning, pitch and intonation are spot on. I'd ordered this as a "back up" but decided to
opt for a flat set in C
I will ship free USPS Priority to lower 48.
International please contact me.
Rogge's price is about $1250.00 with a substantial wait.
$1100.00USD or a reasonable offer.
This is a beautiful sample of Rogge's work. (his pipes are the only ones I play)
Drop me a line and I'll get some photos to you.
Thanks for looking

There are photos on Ebay

Chanter has been sold.