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Pipes for trade

Post by madpiper » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:16 pm

Hi all,

I've got a full set in B from Rogge and I'm putting this post out there to see if there's any one else out there who would,be interested in swapping sets. Im looking for a concert pitch (or C) full set (maybe 3/4 set?) from Rogge or another maker of equal quality.

The set is in good order. Chanter is reeded and playing well and in tune. Drones are strong. Regs are good. The Bass reg. is in need of a new reed. All in all, the set is operating at about 90%.
Ive been playing my B set for quite a while now and, though I love them deeply, I feel like I want to move on to a concert pitch instrument.

So make your offer. I can furnish pictures/videos of the pipes on request.


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