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Seth Hamon Uilleann Drones for Sale

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:53 am
by SLogan ... 1555.l2649

Seth Hamon Uilleann Bagpipe Drones.I purchased them new in 2006.

My main set is a Daye penny chanter/drone combination. I've never really found a wooden chanter that matches aesthetically and plays well in the desert of Montana. These drones played well and had a very full sound. So, sometime long about 2008, I carefully disassembled the drones/reeds and packed them away.

The main wood is kingwood and I am unsure of the mounts. Drones come with a stock cup that can be removed if the overall length is too long, which I found it to be. I will also include my homemade PVC drone stock.