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Miscellany ebay sale,Patrick Murray chanter,Schaefer Bellows

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:11 pm
by SLogan ... 1555.l2649
Patrick Murray chanter purchased from Patrick during the first year of his production of chanters. Very little use. No reed. ... 1555.l2649
Bellows by Jim Schaefer. Purchased in 2006. Very solid and tight. ... 1555.l2649
Ashley Isles #3 straight gouge for uilleann pipe reedmaking. Very little use. ... 1555.l2649
Dastra tools in cannel gouge for uilleann bagpipe reedmaking, #6 16 mm gouge. Very little use. ... 1555.l2649
Ted Anderson and miscellaneous uilleann bagpipe reed cane. Miscellaneous uilleann bagpipe reed cane. The bound tubes are 8 tubes of Ted Anderson reed cane, the one on top was split. All other tubes are solid. The unbound tubes came from NPU, I believe. Miscellaneous pieces included. ... 1555.l2649
Uilleann pipe reedmaking shooting block