For sale: McNichol C & Joe Kennedy D + stuff

Sell your pipes, reeds, bellows, whatever, here.

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For sale: McNichol C & Joe Kennedy D + stuff

Post by rgouette » Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:53 pm

Selling my stuff..

Here's the ad on the Maine craigslist:

-McNichol C chanter: blocked for keys, blackwood
-Kennedy concert chanter: plain, no keys blackwood
-Ballard bellows w/new Kelleher bag: bellows are in ok shape...needs a little rework to be sweet(the pad mainly)
Reeds might need a tweak, and frankly I'm lazy about they're not optimal playing condition

pics upon request.

e-mail I received from the maker, regarding the McNichol chanter:
"That chanter was a one off (small bore small hole) just before I switched to B sets so I never made another of that exact style or any other C instruments after that, although I still have the reamers if it ever needs re-reamed.
All the best,

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