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Neil O'Grady D half set: For Sale *SOLD*

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:26 pm
by madpiper

I have a half set in D made by Neil O'Grady in 2004.
I bought this set second hand for $1200 USD. The pipes are made from Cocobolo with brass and maple mounts.
The set is in good condition but it needs some standard TLC. I suspect there's a leak where the chanter stock is tied into the bag and the connector from the bellows to bag has a leak. With the exception of the connector, the bellows are airtight and well made.
The chanter cap is brass and there are three keys (F nat, Bb, and high C nat.).
The chanter reed is alright. The main issue is that the back D is very touchy. By that, I mean it sinks to C# if you give just the slightest amount of too much pressure. I figured out a way around it by fingering back D differently by opening my left hand middle finger when playing back D. The rest of the scale is well in tune though and the chanter sounds really lovely.
All it needs is a good reed. I still have Neils reed dimensions floating around the ether of my inbox and can venture into said ether to retrieve said dimensions if you ask nicely. :P

The drones have a good warm sound and the bass drone produces a nice, fat tone. Once they're tuned, they lock in nicely.
The tenor reed is a bit suspect as it double tones sometimes but it is not inoperable.
The tenor drone has a minor surface scratch at the base of the drone that was caused by the drone switch. This of course does not effect the instruments playability.
I can send pictures and sound files on request when I return home in roughly a week and some change.

I want to pass these pipes on for a couple of reasons.
I'm going to be getting a full set of B pipes from Rogge sometime soon so these pipes are now obsolete.
I feel like this would be a good set for someone who wants to get into piping without breaking the wallet or dealing with a wait list or for someone on the practice set who wants to upgrade. I would really like to see this set go to someone who's still starting out. Or an experienced player who needs a beater/back-up set or whatever. I don't really care as long as they are going to a good home where they will be played and well loved.

I'm open to offers and the price is flexible but I would like to get at least $950 for them.

You can email me at This account is connected to my phone so my response will be timely unless I'm away from my phone or in mortal peril.
I'm also open to talking on the phone. Communicating with a voice is much more enjoyable than using little colored pixels on a screen to work out a deal with an unknown carbon based life form. If you want to do that then just email me and say so. I would also like to say that if you're going to be in the Asheville area anytime in the foreseeable future then we can get together and you can go over the pipes and see what you think.
Just let me know :)

I will post back here when the pipes have been spoken for.

Take care and pipe on, brothers and sisters of the bag.

I forgot about this video!
Here are the pipes in action during a long day of busking this past summer on the streets of Asheville, NC! They did us proud that day :)
You can kind of hear the drones during the third tune and, before anyone asks, the tunes are: Mike McGouldricks, Munster Buttermilk and the Merry Blacksmith.

Re: Neil O'Grady D half set: For Sale OR Trade

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:32 pm
by madpiper
The user, "Latticino," recently sold an O'Grady half set and has put up some pictures in their post in this forum.
My half set looks exactly the same as the one pictured in Latticinos post.
My offer still stands on pictures though :)

Re: Neil O'Grady D half set: For Sale OR Trade

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:01 pm
by the plod
this is the thread he is referring to that has the pix


Neil's set are kind of a scandinavian modern design for uilleann pipes if you ask me. :-)


Re: Neil O'Grady D half set: For Sale OR Trade

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:38 pm
by PJ
the plod wrote: Neil's set are kind of a scandinavian modern design for uilleann pipes if you ask me. :-)

They'realso easy-blown and not too loud - not a bad combination for a beginner.