CP: pipes for sale

Sell your pipes, reeds, bellows, whatever, here.

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CP: pipes for sale

Post by tompipes » Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:54 pm

I have a few bits for sale and a few more bits coming up for sale.
Firstly a Honduran Rosewood chanter in D. The brass and imitation ivory top was inspired by Sean Seery's Rowsome chanter. The chanter now has 2 keys, also in brass, C & F coincidentally.
This can be fitted with a bag and bellows to make a practice set too.

ImageD chanter Honduran rosewood

I'm officially offering order placements for the D, C and B chanters, practice sets, half sets (with an optional 4th drone) and 3/4 sets. (Bass regulators are being worked on)

My D sets are very loosely based on Leo Rowsomes work. I've taken on board some bore and tone hole shape attributes of the 'classic' early 19th century makers to fine tune certain parts of these chanters. So it's really MY design!

My C chanters are based on a Matt Kiernan chanter in my possession. I've tweaked a few little things here and there.
The drones and regulators are loosely based on a Kenna set. I personally like the combination of the crisp sounding, very slightly wider bore, chanter (not loud) with the softer toned regulators and drones. Smoooooth.

My B chanters are based on extrapolated measurements from the Kiernan C chanter with some adjustments.
The drones and regulators are based on a Kenna set. Again, I try to balance this overall set so the chanter is tonally dominant in the set and the drones and regulators are suitable balanced to provide a underlying foundation for the chanter to shine.
Again, the chanter isn't loud and the drones and regulators aren't quiet. It's more like silk and satin.... dawn and dusk..... Morcambe and Wise.

Photos, videos and audio clips will be coming soon.

For more details you can contact me at info @ pipertommymartin.com

All the best,

Tommy Martin

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