Kirk Lynch Half Set for Sale

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Kirk Lynch Half Set for Sale

Post by celtnots » Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:50 pm

For sale:

Kirk Lynch Half Set in very good condition: no leaks, has been regularly played and well looked after. Made in 2004, chanter keys (C nat, G#, F nat) added in 2011. Some tarnish on the brass of the bass drone and minimal other signs of wear. Comes with two chanter reeds, both made by Kirk Lynch in 2011. This is a great set, very dependable: I live in a dry climate, although the relative humidity varies from 23% (dry) to 96% (very humid) over the course of the year, and the pipes have coped well over the years. Took them to Ireland last year, where the relative humidity ranges from about 96% to 100%, and the pipes loved it. I'm selling the set, rather reluctantly, to offset the cost of an Andreas Rogge full set.



From Kirk's website:
Half Set - Practice set with the addition of a mainstock and three drones with shut-off switch. The mainstock is pre-bored to accept regulators. $3300
Chanter Keys - C natural, F natural, and G sharp keys. $175 each

So, new, this set would be $3825 plus at least a 2-year wait. I'm asking $3200 OBO. Buyer pays shipping. I do have a case for them, but it's bulky and may not be highly desirable. We'll get into that if you are interested.

Contact me at pipes at celticnots dot com

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