Kirk Lynch half set for sale - no chanter

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Kirk Lynch half set for sale - no chanter

Post by Legerdemain » Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:14 pm

I posted an ad for this set on Chiffandfipple and also, so it is likely the majority of you have seen this, but I figured it was worth a try as I was not previously aware of this board.
I have an ebony and brass Lynch half set for sale, made in 1991. NO CHANTER. Completely refurbished, and polished up. Reeds are Kirk's composite reeds, very stable. I have played this set professionally for ten years on the road with many different bands and in the studio on numerous recordings. I have a new set coming soon from Tim and Stephanie Benson and I desperately need to get this sold to help raise funds. All it needs is your chanter plugged in and you are ready to go. Nathan (Silmarillion on this forum) has a nice Lynch chanter for sale that would fit this set very nicely. Here is a video I just put together if you want to hear it and see it in more detail:
And some pictures I posted on ... =6&t=74530
I am asking $1700, but I am willing to entertain best offers. PM here if you are interested or email me at


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