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Thought Experiment

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:18 am
by outofthebox8
An interesting thought came into my head 8) . Why don't we play with the bellows on the left arm and the bag on the right - if the right arm is the arm with the best control? Of course a practice set could be made in this way - it would be like a left-handed set apart from the neck of the bag which would need to extend diagonally across the players body, but this could be easily achieved with flexible tubing.

But what about the drone stock and the regulators, I hear you cry! Well this is where some crafty design would be needed. The stock would be fitted on the inside of the bag in the usual way - but made with a u-bend so that the drones and regulators would be aligned across the right knee in the usual position.

This is just a thought experiment, but I can see no obvious reason why such a set could not be played and perhaps with some real advantages.