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FS: Chanter top and dial gauge

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:36 am
by PJ
I'm selling a couple of items.

The first is a valved chanter top made in 2008 by Nick Whitmer. I used this on my D-set for 6 years until Nick made me a wooden chanter top. It's gathering dust. I.D. is 18.5 mm, which is a little wider than most chanter tops (which are about 15 to 16 mm) but the difference can be made up with a few wraps of binding. Asking US$170 plus postage.

The second item is for reed making. It's a dial gauge for measuring the 'dip' in cane slip, so that you know how much pith you have removed and whether the gouged cane is even. Again, it was made for me by Nick Whitmer in approx. 2008. Asking US$40 plus postage.

Photos at the following link:

Please PM me for info.