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Thanks Glen!

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 5:19 am
by vanwhel
I just wanted to publicly thank Glen Hulme for helping me get my chanter going. He helped me obtain proper cane and materials for making chanter reeds for a 1/2 set of Hulme pipes I purchased used on eBay. He also sold me two finished reeds that play wonderful along with an unscraped reed and carved reed blank to see what it should look like before you start on the road to Heaven or disaster. He also shared detailed notes on what I need to know to make chanter reeds. It was too cool and I was overwhelmed by all the info he shared. Plus his pipes even though used are wonderful. So hats off to you Glen for lending a distant but very helpful hand.

Re: Thanks Glen!

Posted: Wed May 14, 2014 8:37 pm
by the plod
Very nice. :-)