Timothy Kenna 1781 Plans in B drawn 1979

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Timothy Kenna 1781 Plans in B drawn 1979

Post by Mitch » Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:28 am

Has anyone made a full set of pipes as per measurements detailed in plans drawn by Geoff Wooff in 1979 of a Timothy Kenna B set made in 1781?

I am interested to hear some feedback on the results and any recommended changes to measurement.


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Re: Timothy Kenna 1781 Plans in B drawn 1979

Post by MHay » Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:19 am

Where did you find these plans?

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Re: Timothy Kenna 1781 Plans in B drawn 1979

Post by tompipes » Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:34 pm

I don't think there was any B sets made before 1800, at the very earliest.
And Timothy Kenna didn't make any pipes before 1810 or later.

I haven't heard of these drawings either. Who is the seller?


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Re: Timothy Kenna 1781 Plans in B drawn 1979

Post by Mr.Gumby » Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:16 am

Geoff is trying to sign up here, I am sure he'll shed some light once the mods have processed the login.
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Re: Timothy Kenna 1781 Plans in B drawn 1979

Post by wooff » Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:52 am

Firstly... ( and my first post here on UF).. to "Mitch" I will ask where you got this drawing ? I am the owner and Creator of these plans and the only people who should have it are those who got it from myself. I have made many sets using these 'basic' plans but unfortunately I never did get to completely measure the bores of this set. Perhaps one day I will go back to Perth for this purpose. However I do have measurements of a similar chanter that inhabits the Dublin Museum.

To Tompipes; you might be correct in suggesting than no B sets were made before the year 1800 but I don't think 'we' can be certain of that.

When I made this drawing, back in 1979 , I really knew very little about "The Pipes". I had a short while to measure and draw these pictures of a set that belonged, or was on loan to, the University of Western Australia. What I did know was that this set had belonged to John S. Wayland , one of the founders of the Cork Pipers Club. The information about the maker and date came from Wayland's comunications with Francis O'Neill and thus what O'Neill wrote in his short biography of Wayland included in his book, "Irish Minstrels and Musicians".

I assume that because the coin used to make the drone stop key was dated 1781 , this was the reason Wayland thought the set must have been made by Kenna. The Timothy christian name was my addition to the confusion. In Waylands own copy of IM&M he has written in the margin next to the photograph of himself playing " Coyne Set"... so by this stage even he was confused.
Now the stop key coin is a very well used 'Liverpool halfpenny"... so it must have been put on there many years after 1781. I can now confirm, by the style of manufacture, that this set was made by Michael Egan , probably in the 1840's. Copies of it usually play somewhere closer to Bb than B.I have managed to stretch this design down to modern Bb pitch with success. My original suggestion of B as the correct pitch for this set was just by testing the chanter with some reeds that had survived along with it.
It appears that the set was played almost continuously from the 1840's through to about 1950 by three consecutive pipers, one a proffesional player highly regarded by Egan himself........ but that is a history for another day.

These drawings are not commercialy available and were never meant for resale, so if anyone is selling them I would like to know. If you need more information just ask.

PS; for a video of a recent Bb set which has its origins in the design discussed here... see " Mark Redmond at the steeple sessions" on youtube.

PPS; the fact that Egan was said to have rated the owner of this set as the best player in Ireland and second best piper he had ever heard... is further proof that the set was made by him. Pipmakers , even today, are not so forthcoming about players of sets by rival makers!

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