D Bass Reg reed playing flat

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D Bass Reg reed playing flat

Post by FergMaun » Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:19 pm

I made a D bass reg reed for my Andreas Rogge Full set September 2010 in Belfast Ireland.

Head L = 33mm
Head W = 13mm
Scrape L = 27mm
Tails L = 25mm
Staple L = 45mm
Staple = 5mm od x 4mm id
Staple inserted tails at = 20mm
Binding L = 25mm
Bridle K&S Copper Sheet 0.64mm
Bridle placement = 10mm above binding
OAL = 83mm

September 2010 I got Andreas to change the bass reg reed seat that was fitted with brass tubing 4mm od x 3.2mm id staple to fitted staples 5mm od x 4mm id

The above reed I made is playing flat overall of D (A=440) below -20 on the Korg Chromatic Tuner.
When my Tenor/baritone reg reeds is flat and the reed is all the way in the reed seat I file/cut wee bit of bottom of staple.

As this is a good reed it needs to be shorten 1) shorten staple or 2) trim reed lips.

Since I got my full set from Andreas I have not used the Detachable Bass-Regulator as I use the set as a 3/4 set.


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Re: D Bass Reg reed playing flat

Post by outofthebox » Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:54 am

Have you tried moving the bridle up a little towards the lips? The big bass regulator reeds have a larger bridle zone. That might be enough to bring it up to the desired pitch, before making any major alterations.

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