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8th South Wales Tionol - Sept 29th/30th

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:48 am
by RLines
The South Wales Uilleann Pipers are pleased to announce our 2017 tionol

Piping at the Old Bridge
The 8th South Wales Tionol
September 29th/30th 2017

With Special Guests
Martin Nolan
Becky Tayor

Highlights include:

- Piping instruction (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels)
- Fiddle instruction (teacher TBC)
- Gala Concert
- Afternoon piping recital/piper's chair
- Lunchtime music featuring 78rpm records of Patsy Touhey, Tom Ennis, Leo Rowsome, Liam Walsh and others played on antique wind-up gramophones
- Evening sessions in local pubs
- Raffle

The Tionol will be based in and around the Pontypridd Museum, a restored Baptist chapel dating from 1861. The chapel sits on the banks of River Taf at the foot of Pontypridd's 'Old Bridge' which, when first completed in 1756, was the longest single span bridge in Europe.

Watch this video for highlights of our 2016 tionol.

Mark the dates in your calendars. More information to follow soon. Also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

By email contact rhonddapiper(at)gmail(dot)com

Re: 8th South Wales Tionol - Sept 29th/30th

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:16 am
by RLines
Just an update on tionol planning.

Once again we will use The Heritage Park Hotel as our recommended accommodations. The hotel is about a 5 minute drive/taxi ride from the museum where the tionol will be held. The hotel has agreed a special rate of £50 B&B per night for tionol participants. Just call the reservations desk at 01443 687057 (rather than go through the website) and mention that you are there for the Irish bagpipes festival and they will give you this reduced rate. The final session on Saturday night will also be held at the hotel.

We are also pleased to announce that Mikey Kenney from Liverpool will teach the fiddle classes, as well as perform at the concert.

Re: 8th South Wales Tionol - Sept 29th/30th

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:32 am
by RLines
Due to a personal commitment, Becky Taylor will not be able to join us at the tionol this year.

Instead we are pleased to welcome the great Dicky Deegan, who will join Martin Nolan as our two guest pipers for this year's event.

Hope to see you in Pontypridd in September!

Re: 8th South Wales Tionol - Sept 29th/30th

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:38 am
by RLines
Some updates on the South Wales Tionol, with guest pipers Martin Nolan and Dicky Deegan and guest fiddler Mikey Kenney.

Saturday (September 30th) all-day fee for pipers and fiddlers will be £30. This includes

- morning and afternoon classes
- buffet lunch on site accompanied by old piping 78s played on 1920s wind-up gramophones
- afternoon piping recital
- tea/coffee thoughout the day

Admission to the Friday night concert (September 29th) will be £7 at the door. If you'd like us to hold advnaced tickets please PM me or email rhonddapiper[at]gmail[dot[com]


PS - Mikey has a lovely new EP called 'Ottersgear' available on Bandcamp

Re: 8th South Wales Tionol - Sept 29th/30th

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:29 am
by RLines