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FS: Early 1900s Taylor-style full set w/ Hubbert chanter

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:07 am
by RLines
I am looking to find a new home for my old Taylor-style set. This has been my main set of pipes for quite a few years, and I have played them regularly across Ireland and the UK. I absolutely love these pipes, but as I have recently acquired a full set made by the Taylor Brothers themselves, it is time to pass them on to a good home.


About the set: This is a beautiful, fully restored and reeded set of pipes dating from the early 1900s. For those who love historic sets and Taylor-style work as I do, you will struggle to find a better looking, sounding and playing set than this one, and most importantly an historic set that is playing straight out of the box. The condition is excellent, and when polished up it is often mistaken for a brand new set of pipes. Several top pipers have commented on its lovely tone (it’s often said to have ‘that old sound’, if you like that kind of thing as I do).

This is a rare opportunity for the right piper.

Body: The body of the set dates from the early 1900s. Like many old Taylor-style sets, determining the maker requires a bit of educated guesswork. Some suggest Patsy Brown of Boston. Others suggest Jack and Ed Crowley of New York. I have been able to identify only two or three other sets by this maker.

The drones and regs are identical to a set pictured in the hands of a piper in the famous group photo on the cover of the ‘Wheels of the World, vol. 1’ record (I’m not saying this is that exact set, only that it is by the same maker and therefore dates from that era). The body is in ebony, nickel silver and bone, and the mainstock is oak. The regulator mounts and bass drone puck are original ebony. It has the Taylor-style triple bored bass drone and wrap around bass reg. The drones are beautiful and warm, and the regs reeded to a mellow the volume so there is a lovely balance with the chanter and drones.


Chanter: When I acquired the drones and regs, they came with the original chanter top but no chanter. In 2014, I asked Michael Hubbert to make me a chanter in the Taylor style reusing this original old chanter top. It is a beautiful bright chanter that blends perfectly with the rest of the set both visually and musically. It is the first (and as far as I know the only) block-keyed Taylor copy Michael has made, and was based on a true Taylor he was restoring at the time I ordered. The 5-keyed chanter with stop-key is in ebony, nickel and mammoth ivory, and while Taylorish on the outside has Michael’s modern bore based on Crowley.


I am happy to provide much more information and detailed photos to seriously interested pipers. I am asking $12,000 USD ono. I will also include a vinyl copy of the Wheels of the World LP with the cover photo mentioned above.

A video of the set being played at last month's South Wales Pipers Club meeting can be viewed here

Buyer pays all shipping and insurance costs.

Contact me by PM or at ricklines(at)yahoo(dot)com


Re: FS: Early 1900s Taylor-style full set w/ Hubbert chanter

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:04 am
by RLines
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