Newbie fingering system question.

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iain allen
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Newbie fingering system question.

Post by iain allen » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:00 pm

I have just borrowed a friends half set of pipes with a view to purchasing them. The set has a Williams chanter with C&F keys and Hughes and Macleod drones plus the tutor The New Approach to Uilleann Piping. I had bought this tutor + cd previously and downloaded Crowley's so I could do a bit of reading up.

My question is this;
Is there a particular fingering system that best suits the Williams chanter or is it dependant on the reed and so best to learn alternate fingerings to accommodate reed and chanter peculiarities?

I do play other pipes already plus whistle and flute so I'm used to varying fingering but this is a new venture.......possibly.

Generally the set need a bit of tlc but I need to do a leak test on the bag and bellows, all the reeds work and even with my poor technique will tune in. There is a spare chanter reed that I think sounds and tunes better than the original that was fitted though B seems a wee bit flat. Also there seems to be a length of string hanging down the internal bore of the chanter - Rushing I presume.


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Re: Newbie fingering system question.

Post by MichaelLoos » Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:56 am

The fingering given in "The New Approach" should work out for most chanters. Some (few) chanters require a modified fingering for C nat, usually additionally opening the G finger. If yours is nicely in tune with the fingering you use, you're fine...
The Crowley tutor certainly has some historical value but, IMHO, does not provide anything that can be helpful for a beginner.

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Re: Newbie fingering system question.

Post by outofthebox » Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:01 am

The tuning of these chanters has not been standardised so it is better to regard the fingering systems given in tutors as a starting point, to be refined by players as they get to know the peculiarities of their own chanter and reed. The aim is to achieve a tuning and tone that you can be happy with. Let your ear be your guide on this 8)

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